Andrew Cross

Director - Jerusalem Field School

Andrew has organized and led a number of tours to the Holy Land.  He is currently working on a history curriculum.  Andrew completed a BA in European history at the University of Calgary and an MA in Ancient Near Eastern history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  He has a background in industrial and architectural design.  You can find his blog here

Titus Kennedy

Director - The Excavation at Et Tell

Titus is a field archaeologist and historian.  He received his doctorate in Biblical Archaeology from the University of South Africa, MA degrees in Near Eastern Archaeology and Biblical Archaeology from the University of Toronto and the University of South Africa, and a BA from Biola University.  He teaches as an adjunct professor at Biola University and has done research for the Discovery Institute and APXAIOC.  Titus has published numerous articles about archaeology and the Bible and is currently writing a book on artifacts from the ANE.

Seth and Carmen Horner

Hospitality & Student Life / Resource Development

Seth and Carmen met while studying at The Master’s University.  Seth worked as a paramedic in Los Angeles for a number of years.  Carmen loves to cook.  They now live on a small ranch in Southern Alberta where they raise their four children.

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